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Feeney CableRail 6300 Series 1/8" Stainless Steel Cable Assembly for Wood Frames

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Feeney CableRail 6300 Series 1/8" Stainless Steel Cable Assembly for Wood Frames

Product Code: Feeney_CableRail_6300_Series_for_Wood_Frames

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Product Description

6300 Series 1/8" Cable Assemblies for Wood Frames:

Feeney CableRail Standard Cable Assemblies are an attractive, affordable, low maintenance and easy-to-install railing infill option for homes and offices with a view. Our standard, prefabricated assemblies are made from 1/8" diameter, high strength, weather-tough, type 316 stainless steel cable and are designed to replace commonly used metal railing pickets. The assemblies are laced horizontally through holes drilled in the intermediate posts of your railing frame and then tensioned at opposite end posts with special Quick-Connect® SS fittings. The result is railing infill that is not only extremely durable and attractive but virtually invisible, allowing beautiful, unimpaired views.

The prefabricated assemblies are sold in standard lengths that can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field. Assemblies may be installed on new or existing metal frames in exterior, interior, residential and commercial settings. They're also an ideal choice for fences and trellises. Please note that Feeney CableRail standard assemblies should never be used for lifting, hanging or other high-load applications.

Feeney Standard 6300 Series assemblies have a longer Threaded Terminal (7-1/2" long) for attaching to thick wood posts.

Frame Checklist and Important Notes:

  • Carefully plan the location of all end and corner posts to allow for proper clearance from walls and to maximize cable run lengths.
  • To ensure proper tensioning, straight runs of cable (no turns, dips or rises) should not exceed an 70 ft assembly.
  • Cable runs that do have corner bends or dips should not exceed a 40 ft assembly and should not have more than 2 corners or bends per run.
  • End and corner posts (the cable load bearing posts) must be of the recommended minimum sizes noted in the frame requirements & details pages.
  • All posts/verticals should be spaced a maximum of 3 feet apart.
  • Cables should be spaced a maximum of 3 inches apart.
  • All posts must be securely fastened to the cap rails and to the deck joists/structure.

Included in each standard assembly:

The selected length of 1/8" diameter type 316 stainless steel cable with one pre-attached Threaded Terminal fitting, one Quick-Connect® SS fitting, two stainless steel Flat Washers,and one stainless steel Snug-Grip® washer nut.


  • Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Available in a wide range of lengths.
  • Easily trimmed to exact length in the field.
  • Special easy-to-use Quick-Connect fittings.
  • Fittings are concealed in your end posts.
  • Decorative end caps offer finished detail.
  • Use on new or existing wood railing frames.
  • Lightweight for easy shipping and handling.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Sold 1 assembly per package.

Feeney CableRail 6300 Series 1/8" Stainless Steel Cable Assembly for Wood Frames Options

MODEL NUMBER Cable Diameter Post/Frame Compatibility Cable Length Price QTY
6305-PKG 1/8" Wood 5' $30.38
6310-PKG 1/8" Wood 10' $33.62
6315-PKG 1/8" Wood 15' $36.86
6320-PKG 1/8" Wood 20' $40.10
6325-PKG 1/8" Wood 25' $43.38
6330-PKG 1/8" Wood 30' $46.62
6335-PKG 1/8" Wood 35' $49.86
6340-PKG 1/8" Wood 40' $53.10
6345-PKG 1/8" Wood 45' $56.34
6350-PKG 1/8" Wood 50' $59.58
6355-PKG 1/8" Wood 55' $62.82
6360-PKG 1/8" Wood 60' $66.06
6365-PKG 1/8" Wood 65' $69.30
6370-PKG 1/8" Wood 70' $72.54