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Rolling Door Kits

Rolling Door Kits

Rolling Door Kits

Sliding barn door kits enhance the design of your home or work space with sturdy hardware in a rustic, classic, medieval, or modern design. Whether your project is new construction or remodeling, our barn doors for sale can be added easily, professionally, and quickly.
  • Barn Door Kits

    Barn Door Kits

    Add that barn door look with a pre-assembled/finished door or by building your own! Ready-to-assemble kits and large selection of handles make door assembly easy and convenient.

  • Furniture Barn Door Hardware

    Furniture Barn Door Hardware

    Have a great idea for a small rolling door application for an entertainment center, storage area, or decorative piece, but think our regular barn door hardware would be overkill? Our mini rolling door hardware is exactly what you need! It's versatile and stylish looking, and perfect for any smaller applications you can think of. Don't forget to buy both a strap kit and a rail kit for the installation of your mini barn door hardware for furniture.