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Fire Escapes

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  • Mini-JOMY Retractable Fire Escape, Access, and Egress Ladder

    Mini-JOMY Retractable Fire Escape, Access, and Egress Ladder

    The Mini-JOMY is the ideal access solution for residential and light commercial applications up to 28 feet. With the simple release of latch, the Mini-JOMY folds out into a 20 1/2" wide ladder with slip-resistant rungs.
  • Werner Built In Fire Escape Ladders

    Werner Built In Fire Escape Ladders

    Available in 2 and 3 Story Models
  • JOMY Retractable Fire Escape, Access, and Egress Ladder

    JOMY Retractable Fire Escape, Access, and Egress Ladder

    The JOMY Retractable Ladder is a supplementary means of egress for emergency exit or rescue or for permanent roof access on outside walls where space or unauthorized access are concerns. On inside walls, provides access to rooftop hatches while being unobtrusive. Ladder is connected to the structure with aluminum U-shaped brackets. Wall brackets are adjustable and are pre-punched for a 1/2" custom expansion bolt (provided) or other fasteners depending on exterior construction. Available in standard anodized aluminum finish, may be painted on-site to blend into any exterior, or special ordered in custom colors. Evaluated by BOCA and ICBO evaluation services, and recognized as a supplemental escape device for use up to 30 feet under Appendices of Uniform Building and Fire Codes, and as a ladder device to provide access to mechanical equipment as required by the Uniform Mechanical Code. Requires two men approximately three hours to install ladder with no section weighing over 50 lbs. Ladder stands as a column directly on the ground and is attached at approximately 5 ft. intervals.


      • Looks like a drainpipe when closed. Opens out into a 2-ft. wide ladder with slip resistant rungs and a 14" safety rail.
      • Ladder extends 29"-30" above the top rung height.
      • Opens easily with a quarter turn of the handle.
      • Burglar proof: cannot be opened without the use of a handle.
      • Can be locked at ground level to prevent unauthorized access.
      • Made of extruded anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
      • Individual rungs are counterweighted with stainless steel springs to allow the ladder to be easily closed regardless of height.
      • Easy to install. Requires no through-bolting or special wall blocking.
      • Rated capacity is one 200 lbs. person every six feet for the entire height of the ladder.
      • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards.
      • 10 year warranty.

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