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Rolling Doors with Hardware

Rolling Doors with Hardware

Choose the type of door most convenient for your setup from the options below. All barn style doors come in a variety of styles including full wood, full metal, and a combination of both. Browse roller doors online below!
  • Single Doors

    Single Doors

    Individual doors with a standard track double the length of the door allowing it to roll to one side.

  • Double Bi-Parting Doors

    Double Bi-Parting Doors

    Bi-parting doors roll on a single track to each side and meet in the middle. Track will be double the length of the combined doors, allowing each door to open outwards.

  • Bypass Doors

    Bypass Doors

    Each door is on its own track allowing the doors to overlap, saving space and requiring less room to operate than Bi-parting doors. Track length is typically three times the length of a single door.