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Railings with Vertical Balusters

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  • DesignRail Custom Aluminum Railings

    DesignRail Custom Aluminum Railings

    If You're Searching For A Complete Railing System, Look No Further.

    DesignRail® Custom Aluminum Railing Frame Systems combine the durability of aluminum with innovative design details to ensure lasting beauty, structural integrity, and affordability while drastically reducing long term maintenance expenses. All rails and stanchions are made from high strength 6000-series aluminum extrusions that can be cut and assembled on site using pre-engineered components that snap and screw together. DesignRail® Custom Aluminum Railing Systems are easily adaptable to any project: interior or exterior, commercial or residential. Simply choose the style options that are best for your project to custom design your railing.

    Durable, powder coated finishes adhere to AAMA-2604 coating specifications for superior color retention, impact resistance, and weather protection. Available in 13 standard colors and over 200 custom colors.

    The basic infill options are illustrated in the images. However, we can also assist with custom infill such as textured, etched or decaled glass panels, special picket designs, or even wood strips or panels for solid barriers or fences - the Aluminum Railing System adapts.

    All infill options require a Top Rail Insert and a horizontal Bottom Rail (Bottom Rails are optional for 36" and 38" high frames using horizontal cable infill). These support the railing infill and help reinforce the frame structure. Bottom Rails connect to the posts using Rail Connecting Brackets (RCBs) and Top Rail Inserts snap into the underside of the Top Rails. Each infill type has a specific corresponding Bottom Rail and Top Rail Insert design. Bottom Rails and Top Rail Inserts are available in 10-ft and 20-ft lengths that can be cut to size in the field.

    • Durable powder-coated finishes offer superior color retention, impact resistance, and weather protection.
    • Low maintenance with long use cycle: no rusting, cracking, peeling, or repainting
    • Detail drawings and 3-part specifications available, along with toll-free design assistance and technical support
    • Product contains recycled materials

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