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Rintal Knock Custom Stairway

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Rintal Knock Custom Stairway

Knock Design is a modular staircase that combines great flexibility with structural soundness composition, aesthetic customization and a strong design content.

The free-standing structure is made of painted iron modular structures connected by a patented anchoring system that provides considerable strength compared to traditional prefabricated stairs.

Adjustment is carried out by using polycarbonate spacers that allow Knock Design to adapt to all spaces, even the most critical ones in a simple and precise way. The steps are made of solid finger joint wood, 4 cm thick, and connected to the structure by supports. The handrail is made of solid wood to match the steps.

Knock Design is a free-standing staircase designed to allow maximum freedom of aesthetic customization. The underlying philosophy is that of the Rintal Stair System that revolutionizes the concept of prefabricated indoor stairs, transforming them into an open combination of elements, each of which can be customized, combined and re-combined to create a unique piece.

Thanks to Rintal Stair System, the structure, steps, handrail, railing, and accessories are no longer just parts of the staircase but they become tools to create a composition that reflects the owner's style. Many types of wood and metal are available, and customers can choose among 10 different models of railings for indoor stairs, add integrated LED lighting in the structure, choose between two different models of covers and among endless decoration possibilities when it comes to the structure. In addition, customers will also be able to continue to modify their staircase over time.

A staircase from Giugiaro Architettura

In addition to this incredible freedom of choice, Knock Design also offers a great design thanks to the collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura. The peculiar shape of the structure, the transparent polycarbonate spacers, the integrated lighting system in the structure – these are all details that add charm, lightness and a unique visual freshness to the product compared to the traditional world of prefabricated indoor stairs. Knock Design goes beyond the functional dimension and becomes part of the category of design staircases, turning simple stairs into a piece of furniture able to integrate in the environment in which it is inserted and to exalt it.