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Rintal Daisy Custom Stairway

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Rintal Daisy Custom Stairway

Daisy is a steel staircase entirely made to measure so as to meet the design and aesthetic requirements of each customer.

This steel staircase was born from the Laser System project, an innovative indoor staircases design system which aims to combine maximum personalization with a unique design versatility in the world of steel staircases.

Possibility to customize materials and finishes

Daisy allows the customer to install finger joint solid wood steps (with a thickness of 4 cm) or even steps in glass, stone or other materials that are placed in special "pan-shaped" supports.

Daisy may take on different configurations and be designed both as a single and as a double structure, i.e. with a single stringer to the wall and the other side of the staircase open for an effect similar to that of cantilevered stairs or creating a self-supporting iron staircase with sharp lines. Furthermore the double structure ensures superior performance in terms of hold and resistance, making it the ideal indoor staircase for public places as it complies with the current law requirements.

Different step anchoring systems available

Another important feature of Daisy is its versatility and richness of technically feasible options which allows greater freedom of customization compared to other, more widely used iron stairs.

  • The nickel-plated bracket fixed to the frame through bolts emphasizes the presence of iron, which gives the staircase an industrial look.
  • The same bracket can also be fixed to the stringer through welding, thus eliminating any type of hardware for a clearer look of the staircase.
  • The treads can also be directly bolted to the staircase

Possibility to choose the position of the steps

Daisy also offers the possibility to choose the position of the steps compared to the structure. Regardless of the material chosen, in fact, the step can be set up centrally compared to the structure so as to create discontinuities, or perpendicular to the structure, for a more linear and compact effect.

Daisy also allows you to use the space under the stairs and to add small panels of wood perpendicular to the steps, thus creating continuity between tread and rise and making the staircase even safer.