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  1. Rintal Aira Custom Stairway

    Rintal Aira Custom Stairway

    Aira Glass is the glass stairway designed to enhance the most sophisticated environments with a discreet but very elegant look.

    Transparent design

    The design of this minimalist staircase, combined with the transparency of glass, creates a unique and simple glass staircase that maintains the natural brightness of the room without affecting your style of furniture but rather enhancing it discreetly.

    The perfect balance between shapes and materials makes Aira an elegant cantilevered staircase with a minimalist style yet extremely solid, capable of enhancing the room without bearing down on it.

    Thanks to the transparency and lightness of glass, Aira – a cantilevered staircase – manages to fit perfectly in the most exclusive rooms, adding a vague and discreet charm.

    The absolute minimalism of the staircase's structure project visual lightness and turns the materials into the real protagonists. The increased thickness of the step enhances the illusion of suspension in a perfect equilibrium of wood, steel, and glass.

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  2. Rintal Tech Custom Stairway

    Rintal Tech Custom Stairway

    Tech is the newest Misterstep staircase. It shows a modern and essential line, and at the same time, it guarantees high flexibility.

    Tech has adjustable rise and going. Therefore, it perfectly fits in everywhere. The steps and the handrail, made on solid beech wood, are treated with a non-toxic water based paint and they are available in 2 colours, Nature and Walnut.

    The structure, epoxy powder painted, allows to choose between two landing types, on slab edge or on floor level.

    The basic kit consists of 12 steps, complete with internal railing, but it is also possible to customise your staircase thanks to the wide range of accessories.

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  3. Rintal Recta Custom Stairway

    Rintal Recta Custom Stairway

    Recta is a free-standing steel staircase made entirely according to the specific technical and aesthetic demands of the Customer. The design flexibility and the ability to choose materials and finishes offer maximum freedom to play with styles and combine different options for an end result that is new all the time.

    Linear design

    One of the elements that best defines the character of the project is the design of the stringer. The band shape makes Recta an iron staircase that looks both rigorous and contemporary, characterized by continuous and clean lines that blend in perfectly with any environment, whether it is a private house or a public space.

    Available both as a single and as a double structure

    The profile of Recta takes on a decidedly different structure in the single version. The absence of the stringer on the inner side of the staircase allows you to better appreciate the shape of the steps and the railing, creating a free-standing staircase that simulates fully the suspended effect without however compromising stability and safety.

    Great freedom in the choice of materials

    The steps can be made of finger joint, 4 cm thick solid beech wood or with more exclusive materials: glass, stone or other material supplied by the Customer.

    Various step anchoring options

    Great attention has been paid to the hardware to anchor the wooden steps, both for the structural function they have and for the aesthetic impact they give the entire staircase. Because of this, the Customer has the possibility to choose between three anchoring options that allow them to create free-standing stairs with a decidedly different look.

    • The anchoring with a nickel-plated bracket enhances the presence of bolts on the structure thus creating an iron staircase with an industrial look.
    • On the other hand, the welded bracket, in addition to being made to match the finish of the stringer, allows you to eliminate the exposed bolts so as to obtain a minimal effect and a free-standing steel staircase sporting clean and rigorous aesthetics.
    • The last type of anchoring allows you to tie directly the step to the stringer, eliminating any type of support bracket. This system is ideal in all cases in which the space under the stairs is exposed.

    Various railings available

    LED lighting can be integrated in the structure to give even more charm to the staircase and simultaneously serves as a way to mark your step.

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  4. Rintal Loft Custom Stairway

    Rintal Loft Custom Stairway

    Loft is an iron staircase with a side structure made to measure according to the needs of the design and the aesthetic demands of the customer who has maximum freedom of configuration and the possibility of customizing materials and finishes to create unique and inimitable compositions.

    Light and slim design

    One of the elements which greatly define the project is the design of the structure, which sets Loft apart from most iron stairs. The sloping design of the stringers (made of stainless or painted steel) comes from a reinterpretation of the classic "knee shape" to change the overall aesthetic. The ascending section, instead of being perfectly vertical, is slightly tilted. The result is a light and slim composition, characterized by soft and continuous lines, absolutely unprecedented in the field of indoor iron stairs (Loft is in fact protected by international patent).

    Different ways to anchor the step

    Much attention was paid to how to anchor the steps to the stringer. Loft recalls the power of industrial style with nickel brackets that highlight the hardware on the stringer, elevating it to the role of stylistic feature. The great lightness of the surfaces is obtained by using brackets that are welded to the stringer, which makes it possible to eliminate most of the screws and bolts on display for a staircase with a minimal look.

    To obtain maximum strength it is advisable to opt for the anchoring at the head of the step which creates structural continuity. This is particularly suitable in cases where the area under the staircase is on display as it does not require additional support.

    Ideal for both public and private spaces

    In particular configurations, Loft is perfect to be installed in public spaces as it complies with codes required and has the required technical performance.

    Entirely made to measure

    As for finishes and materials, Loft follows the philosophy called "Laser System", the system signed by Rintal that allows you to create customized indoors stairs thanks to the support of the "Rintal Staircase Professionals".

    Possibility to install steps in glass, stone or marble

    The creation of your own iron staircase starts from a preliminary selection of materials and finishes of the structure. This is followed by selecting the steps, in solid finger joint wood (or other types wood upon request), 4 cm thick. Loft allows you also to add a front rise between one step and another, creating continuity between tread and rise thus making the staircase even safer and allowing you to use the space under the stairs. You can also install glass steps, or steps in stone or any other material.

    Various models of railings available

    Finally, an element that allows further customization of Loft, compared to other iron indoor stairs, are the "Carter", thin decorative plates to be applied on the outer side of the structure of the staircase. Available in two patterns (Geometric and Wave), they are secured via a magnet system that eliminates all exposed bolts and contributes to the aesthetics of the staircase by adding a personal touch. The finishes of the "Carter" are fully customizable.

    Loft represents the perfect synthesis between technical and aesthetic details that allows us to create iron and wooded indoor stairs both custom made and exclusive.

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  5. Rintal Daisy Custom Stairway

    Rintal Daisy Custom Stairway

    Daisy is a steel staircase entirely made to measure so as to meet the design and aesthetic requirements of each customer.

    This steel staircase was born from the Laser System project, an innovative indoor staircases design system which aims to combine maximum personalization with a unique design versatility in the world of steel staircases.

    Possibility to customize materials and finishes

    Daisy allows the customer to install finger joint solid wood steps (with a thickness of 4 cm) or even steps in glass, stone or other materials that are placed in special "pan-shaped" supports.

    Daisy may take on different configurations and be designed both as a single and as a double structure, i.e. with a single stringer to the wall and the other side of the staircase open for an effect similar to that of cantilevered stairs or creating a self-supporting iron staircase with sharp lines. Furthermore the double structure ensures superior performance in terms of hold and resistance, making it the ideal indoor staircase for public places as it complies with the current law requirements.

    Different step anchoring systems available

    Another important feature of Daisy is its versatility and richness of technically feasible options which allows greater freedom of customization compared to other, more widely used iron stairs.

    • The nickel-plated bracket fixed to the frame through bolts emphasizes the presence of iron, which gives the staircase an industrial look.
    • The same bracket can also be fixed to the stringer through welding, thus eliminating any type of hardware for a clearer look of the staircase.
    • The treads can also be directly bolted to the staircase

    Possibility to choose the position of the steps

    Daisy also offers the possibility to choose the position of the steps compared to the structure. Regardless of the material chosen, in fact, the step can be set up centrally compared to the structure so as to create discontinuities, or perpendicular to the structure, for a more linear and compact effect.

    Daisy also allows you to use the space under the stairs and to add small panels of wood perpendicular to the steps, thus creating continuity between tread and rise and making the staircase even safer.

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  6. Rintal Gamma Custom Stairway

    Rintal Gamma Custom Stairway

    Gamma is a free-standing wooden staircase designed to maximize the aesthetic and structural qualities of this popular material without sacrificing flexibility and creativity.

    Great versatility and originality

    What sets Gamma apart from classic wooden stairs is the modular design of the product, which gives it a modern soul, bringing it directly into the reality of the requirements of contemporary design. Flexibility of the lines and adaptability to different needs of design and features of the house make it an extremely versatile staircase, capable of turning one of the most classic and used materials in the production of staircases like wood into a modern and edgy material.

    Great value for price

    The materials chosen to produce Gamma have been selected with great care and attention in order to create a high quality product at an affordable cost when compared to most wooden indoor stairs. For the steps we chose finger joint solid beech wood, 4 cm thick. The spacers are made of transparent polycarbonate, while the hardware of the different railings are perfectly harmonized in the composition.

    Harmonious and elegant design

    The structure is of the same material as the steps, which sets itself apart from the most common free-standing stairs thanks to the distinctive design of the modules that compose it. This is a detail that gives a touch of originality to the entire product and creates a design featuring smooth and continuous lines that are well suited to different environments, creating an harmonious and elegant effect.

    Maximum freedom to interpret your style

    Gamma demonstrates itself to be a free-standing staircase with an eclectic character. Its clean lines lend themselves easily to be understood and characterized using the many available options. Different wood colors and different interchangeable railing models offer a lot of freedom to play with shapes and colors to create your own style: classic and timeless with dark tints and railings with simple lines or modern and minimal with light colors and more contemporary railings.

    Whatever style you choose, Gamma is able to interpret it simply and naturally, a feature that confirms its versatility and makes it a great choice for renovation projects and tender building specifications.

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  7. Rintal Knock Custom Stairway

    Rintal Knock Custom Stairway

    Knock Design is a modular staircase that combines great flexibility with structural soundness composition, aesthetic customization and a strong design content.

    The free-standing structure is made of painted iron modular structures connected by a patented anchoring system that provides considerable strength compared to traditional prefabricated stairs.

    Adjustment is carried out by using polycarbonate spacers that allow Knock Design to adapt to all spaces, even the most critical ones in a simple and precise way. The steps are made of solid finger joint wood, 4 cm thick, and connected to the structure by supports. The handrail is made of solid wood to match the steps.

    Knock Design is a free-standing staircase designed to allow maximum freedom of aesthetic customization. The underlying philosophy is that of the Rintal Stair System that revolutionizes the concept of prefabricated indoor stairs, transforming them into an open combination of elements, each of which can be customized, combined and re-combined to create a unique piece.

    Thanks to Rintal Stair System, the structure, steps, handrail, railing, and accessories are no longer just parts of the staircase but they become tools to create a composition that reflects the owner's style. Many types of wood and metal are available, and customers can choose among 10 different models of railings for indoor stairs, add integrated LED lighting in the structure, choose between two different models of covers and among endless decoration possibilities when it comes to the structure. In addition, customers will also be able to continue to modify their staircase over time.

    A staircase from Giugiaro Architettura

    In addition to this incredible freedom of choice, Knock Design also offers a great design thanks to the collaboration with Giugiaro Architettura. The peculiar shape of the structure, the transparent polycarbonate spacers, the integrated lighting system in the structure – these are all details that add charm, lightness and a unique visual freshness to the product compared to the traditional world of prefabricated indoor stairs. Knock Design goes beyond the functional dimension and becomes part of the category of design staircases, turning simple stairs into a piece of furniture able to integrate in the environment in which it is inserted and to exalt it.

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